Founded in 1973, Circum-Arts is a not-for-profit arts service organization providing administrative support to individual artists and other non-profits, particularly in the fields of dance, music, performance art, radio, theatre, film and video arts. Our work focuses on resource management, training, and hands-on approaches to management concerns. Circum-Arts also acts as a non-profit umbrella to artists, although its role extends far beyond the usual perceptions of an umbrella organization: it is deeply involved in development and management where a major focus is assisting emerging artists to become "self-managed." For those artists who are not quite ready, Circum-Arts fills the role of "company manager."

Circum-Arts is currently serving over 200 performing arts companies and individual artists. It represents artists in a variety of disciplines, from contemporary, traditional, and historic modern dance to experimental intermedia performance, and, most recently, classical music. These artists represent the very best in new and emerging talent that the performing arts' world has to offer.

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